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Ime Ekpo

Do You Live In Any Of These Expensive Cities?

Every state has its run of expensive cities. These are the places majority of us dream to live in. Some of them are even landmark cities. But, when it comes to the prices of items for everyday living like haircuts, milk, clothes and even doctors visits (for those of you that don't have insurance), the prices tend to double and even triple ! Your best bet is to set a lifetime plan to end up living in a city of that nature. Oh. Let's not forget gas prices.  In New York City, Staten Islanders sometimes go to New Jersey just to buy gas due to the significantly cheaper prices. Anyway, here are a couple of the most expensive cities to live in, in the United States of America.

Orange County, California

Average price for a home: $682,703

Boston, Massachusetts

Average price for a home: $458,744

Queens, New York

Average price for a home: $630,189

Stamford, Connecticut

Average price for a home: $569,411

Washington, D.C.

Average price for a home: $746,549

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