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Social Networks To Market Yourself On: Pinterest

Pinterest is a site for straight up visuals. The visuals you create can go viral while being linked to your written content, landing pages, product pages, websites, etc. It is a platform for individuals in creative markets like art, handmade merchandise, styling or even the fashion industry. 

Always take advantage of the About section. Introduce yourself and the things you are interested and involved in. This will help other Pinterest users have a better understanding about what your Pinterest profile is about. 

Identify your boards clearly. Organization is key for Pinterest. You want your creativity to have a personable approach. This way the order and routine of your pins are easy to navigate. You can make the titles as catchy, grabbing, inspiring and hair-raising as you want. The goal is to grasp the attention of the pinner. 

Stay active on Pinterest. In order to stay relevant on Pinterest and truly build an audience, you gotta be constant with repinning pins. This will keep you on top of your followers homepages. If you are pinning eye-catching things that they are guaranteed to repin, it is a major plus for you. Their own followers will see your pin on top of their home pages, causing your pin and profile to go viral. 

Pinterest is a perfect platform to reach out to like-minded people. For your most likely engageable pins, you should attempt to tag in some influencers you know, or pinners who are already well engagement with your content. This will helo you attract more like-minded users and your network would grow solid! 

One of your boards should be all for your brand and services. Your deals and offers, customer reviews, media posts, all in one board. This will help with identifying yourself better and help pinners see a full blown picture of your brand, as a brand. The board should basically be the story of your business. 

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