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3 Huge myths about Money that must be debunked!

We've all heard many myths about money that makes us second guess on an expense or even deter us from making said purchase among other things. I've decided to go forward and detail the most commonly known myths that are generally accepted as facts in some realms and circles.

The first myth: There isn't enough of it to go around. Money is not finite. Globally we have limited resources, limited funds, limited people (this is also the same critic that came up during Bill Gate's and Melinda Gate's end to poverty initiatives). Somehow people continue to believe that we are a small country or even a small planet that will run out of natural resources, which fails in comprehension due to the amount of technology we have produced internationally, be it new farming practices (GMOs, and organic measures alike), decreasing our food intake, better regulation of money to prevent inflation and so forth. This is impossible!

The second myth is: the more money you have the better. This is false on so many levels, for one take a look at all of those wealthy people who are constantly in and out of rehab and clinics centers because of the pressure they've succumbed to due to their wealth in addition to the peculiar lifestyles they live. Secondly, having more money does not translate to you being happier- there is a huge difference. I know a great deal of people who are not wealthy yet they are not quiet poor - yet they pay their bills on time, they're genuinely happy, they rent or own their cars/homes, have healthy relationships with their families and their spouses while managing their money. On the opposite end of that I know wealthy people who are always under stress, engage in illegal actives to support their bad habits yet they are never happy.

The third and final myth is that: because you don't see money it doesn't mean that it isn't there. I know this may sound confusing but think about it. How can you tell if someone is affluent or does not have much money? By their appearance? Their gait? It's all about perception really and this too ties to the second myth. People can dress poor/ not dress fancy and be the wealthiest person in the room (ex. Bill Gates) dressing basic doesn't translate to you not having money as the popular notion tends to discredit. 

In a nutshell having more money doesn't make you happier, dressing alternative or not fancy doesn't accurately determine your financial status and money is not finite. 

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