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Whether we like it or not, moving is almost an inevitable part of life for many as we cannot control at times the circumstances that force us to leave a place in order to find another. Juggling bills and living on a hectic schedule can definitely add more stress to the whole process, so finding productive ways to handle such hardships can eliminate a great amount of pressure. What could we do then to make it easier on ourselves?

A) COPING WITH BUSYNESS: As soon as you are certain about your decision to move it's important to start planning ahead of time, giving yourself different tasks related to the move, one day at the time. You can begin by writing a list of all the things that will need to be executed such as: getting boxes and other packing supplies, inquiring a moving company, notifying your cable services etc... After writing your list randomly, go online to research about all the things you'll need to remember from A to Z and add to your list the ones you forgot so you can now have a complete list of things to do. After that, you can rearrange your list chronologically, putting the most urgent matters to take care of first on the list, and so on. Then you can divide the tasks and enter them on a calendar to give yourself a clear idea of what you need to do and which day to get it done.

B) COPING WITH EXPENSES: There are so many alternatives to pick from when it comes to saving money on a move. One thing that can be done instead of buying boxes is getting free ones for example. For this you'll need to figure out the days sanitation comes to collect waste and find free boxes that people or businesses such as liquor stores or retail stores leave in front of their properties on the day preceding 'garbage day'. You'd be surprise how many clean boxes in great condition you could find!

Another way to save money is to ask a friend with a driver's license to drive a u-haul truck for you in order to transport your belongings from your old house to your new home. You can also ask two extra friends (all ahead of time) to come help you put your things in the u-haul truck on the day that you are moving out.

You can find ways to alleviate your burdens when you have to move if you make plan ahead of time and use the reliable help that is available to you if any.

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