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If you're ready to entertain and invite your friends to have fun on the weekend, there are so many ways you can do so without having to spend a lot of money. You don't have to be a skilled event-planner to have the party of your dreams and keep your guests entertained from the beginning to the end of your social gathering. In order to accomplish this, all you need is to follow some basic steps:

1- PLAN AHEAD OF TIME and WRITE A TO-DO LIST: organization is a key element to basically any type of project that needs to be executed because it eliminates a considerable level of stress and helps things flow much easier even when unexpected situations arise. You can plan to prepare yourself by:

a) Choosing the type of even you want to host: do you want a theme-related party or a game-related party? There are so many choices to pick from; do some research and choose the one that suits you best.

b) Writing your to-do list and entering it on a calendar: organizing your list by writing everything that needs to be done and rearranging it (going from most urgent to least urgent task) will make it so much easier on yourself because once you put it on a calendar, you'll know exactly what to do and when to do it without overwhelming yourself; spreading out your tasks throughout the calendar over a specific period of time will give you the guidance that you need.

2- BUYING THE MATERIAL AND THE GOODS: you can find pretty affordable stores that can provide you with qualitative products. Places such as Jack's World give you a wide selection of party supplies for any type of event (including weddings) for fairly cheap prices; it's like a fancy 99 cent store in a way.

When it comes to buying foods and other perishable goods, shopping at a wholesale store is definitely the way to go: it gives you the opportunity to purchase in bulk without leaving you penniless. Costco, Sam's Club and BJ's are a few chains where you can find products sold in bulk.

No matter what kind of party you're planning to have, if you organize yourself and know where to go in order to find affordable supplies; you will always give your guests and yourself a great time without ending with a cost-related guilty conscience.

http://www.jacksnyc.com (Jack's World)

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