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3 Financial Questions you must ask each other BEFORE you are your fiancé decide to get married.

Here on whotrades, I talk a lot about investing, budgeting, and retirement. But relationships, believe it or not, play a HUGE role in your financial well being as well.

Many couples, in the heat of the moment, rush into marriage without considering each others' values and beliefs surrounding money and other important aspects of life such as children. Well, actually, the word "many" may be unfair, but personally I've met many people who regrets having rushed into the decision to marry simply because they were pressured by people in their lives.

Here are some things that MUST be discussed with your significant other before you put the ring on his or her finger.


This is probably one of the biggest and most important thing you must talk about. When you decide to go from single status to married status, you become liable for your partner's debts and student loans. That means you have to ask yourself whether he/she has the potential to put his or her degree to good good use in the long run. If your S.O. spent $108k getting a degree but is now working at restaurant or driving a taxi cab (you'll be surprised how often this happens) then you will most likely be the one paying off his or her debt for the next decade or so.


Where will you be working? Where would your spouse be working? Your life may be miserable if both your dream jobs are 800 miles apart. If they are only a few states away then it could be doable. You two could make a pact to visit each other on Fridays and weekends. However, this is one important thing to discuss before considering marriage. You may be asking how this relates to marriage. Believe it or not, one spouse being in New York while the other lives in Florida could still work out if you two are able to afford flying to each other via airplane. This comes down to how much you are willing to budget for these flights which could add up.


Would the two of you share a bank account? Think about this. Who will be responsible for which bills? Would it be based on the percentages of your incomes or will you two be able to agree to pay half and half, or have the higher income person foot most of the bills?These are questions you must ask. Are you willing to make her a beneficiary?

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