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There are of course many ways to finding jobs generally speaking but this article will provide you with two tips for time's sake. We obviously all know that in order to meet our basic needs, we need money and working is usually the means of getting money! When one faces difficult times such as the loss of a job for a variety of reasons, it's easy to go into panic mode, depression and even health problems related to depression and anxiety. If you are currently unemployed, don't lose hope! First, surround yourself with people that will encourage you and stay away from those who will constantly mention the negative aspects of basically everything that has to do with you and your life. When you've done that and have found a circle of supportive people to help you focus on the positive things about yourself, follow these steps to get yourself back into the workforce:

STEP 1: STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE: seriously. Not for a few days or for a few weeks. It doesn't matter if they're close relatives or friends. Love yourself enough to keep them away from you unless they change their attitude towards you. I'm talking about the people that make constant cutting remarks about how you're a failure, or how you should have studied this major instead of another etc.. Life is way to short for you to allow people to constantly put you down and decide how you should live your life. A few years ago, I've read an article about what are the things that people regretted the most when they're on their dying bed; and one thing I will never forget is that one of the things most dying people mentioned was how they regretted not living the life they wanted to live and not being themselves because they had been trying to live up to someone else's standards and expectations. Please don't do this to yourself, whether you're timid or not; find the strength somewhere to stand up to others so you can be who you are, and have the job that you want to have regardless of how unpopular or lucrative this job might be.

STEP 2: GET ORGANIZED and TAKE ACTION: once you've applied step 1, you will have taken a huge burden off your shoulders and will be more free to focus on taking a plan of action that will take you to your next job! First, make sure that you put together a resume: '' is an EXCELLENT resume builder site because it already has unique content related to a specific field of interest. It's good to have your resume available both online and in paper. Secondly, find reputable online sites for job -seeking that you can DAILY access to search for jobs; send your resume online when requested and also remember to have excerpts or portfolios because images speak louder than words. Thirdly, make flyers to post them in strategic locations: you can research online about where to put your flyers and where not to. Don't drive yourself crazy about how awesome your flyers look; keep them simple by using templates you can find in Google 'images' and if you want to add design to them, no worries! There are so many apps that you can download that can help you create flyers or logos: just go to your App Store and enter: 'logomaker' or 'flyermaker' in the search tab, for example, and a bunch of apps that you can choose from will appear.

When it comes to finding jobs, there are endless possibilities of ways to achieve it so never think that your options are limited, because there no such thing as a human being with no skills or talents. We all have sets of skills, we only have to learn about ourselves in order to discover them and develop them; we also have to make sure that we don't let anyone around us if they're going to make it harder for us to find our true selves with their negativity and overbearing ways.

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