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Ways To Save Money On Food Shopping

     Americans spend millions of dollars per year on grocery shopping alone. A lot of these groceries even go uneaten, leading to us wasting a lot of money. However, there are ways to save money on groceries without sacrificing your nutrition. Check them out below:

1. Plan Ahead- Write a list of what you already have so you don't buy it again and write a detailed shopping list of what you do need for that week. Also, a eat light snack before you go shopping, and stick to your grocery list to help avoid impulse purchases or mistakes like falling for the food displayed at the end of the aisles.

2. Healthier Choices Are Also Cheaper Choices- Studies show that when families went on weight loss diets they not only lost weight but reduced their food budgets. They saved money by reducing portion sizes and from buying fewer high calorie junk food, like soda and potato chips.

3. Buy Produce In Season- Look at the food section in your newspaper to find the best buys for the week based on fresh produce in season. Produce in season is usually cheaper. Also, shop at your local farmers' market for great deals on local produce.

4. Use Sales and Coupons- If you buy food for sale for your weekly meals and also use coupons, you can save a lot of money. Sunday newspapers are full of circulars and coupons.

5. Brown Bag It- Making your lunch and taking it with you is a great way to save money and a great use of leftovers for meals at work, school, or wherever your destination. Your lunch can be anything from a sandwich, salad, soup, wrap, to a hearty snack of cheese.

6. Buy Frozen, Canned Or Dried Food- When you need ingredients for a meal try using frozen, canned, or dried foods. These are less expensive than fresh foods but have the same nutritious qualities. Produce is always frozen, canned, or dried at the peak of ripeness when nutrients are plentiful. 

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