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Ime Ekpo

5 Quick Tips About Saving Money

Photo Credit: Victor Dubreuil 

By Ime Ekpo

We all have reasons why we want to master saving money. Some may want to start a business, purchase a new car, move out of state or simply pay off lingering bills. With such busy lives and many obligations, at times you can’t set your mind on just how to save your money and the best way to do so. To make your life a little easier, here are 5 quick mind-boggling suggestions on how to get started.

1. Conserve your coins.

Despite if you win the lottery, marry into royalty, land a job with a 200k yearly salary, it does not mean you should have the mentality to always spend your money. Notice how the “richest” people at times wear the most simple, low down clothing? That is because they are content with the amount of money they are generating and there is no need to flash it. You don’t have to have it just because you can afford it.

2. Handle your debt, bump your credit score.

So it has been 5 years since you even looked at your credit score. You have credit card debt, student loan debt and perhaps a couple of cell phone bills? It’s obvious you currently don’t qualify for a lot of luxuries because your credit score is poor. Well set a budget for handling your debts. Depending on your income it is up to you how long you can stick with the budget. Don’t go broke trying to pay off these bills. You can maybe set aside as little as $20 per paycheck for one whole year and then pay off as much as you can.

3. Get your time managed.

Time management is almost key to saving an abundance of money. Simple things like keeping your wallet organized, making investments, and using the best tools (like banks, and digital assistance) will gain you a huge profit. Organize your schedule and set a routine for all your endeavors. Have you noticed when you are not organized you tend to spend more? Let’s get to it.

4. Have a budget for everything.

Not only for your heavy debts, but for your whole entire life. When you go grocery shopping, wardrobe shopping, vacations, holidays, parties, always set a spending budget. Your budget goals should not even be to spend the whole budget. You should aim to have at least 25% leftover from your spree. It will train you into mastering how to conserve your money.

5. Always look out for deals and discounts.

Couponing basically. You don’t even have to engage in couponing, but always attack sales and discounts at your favorite retailers. Or maybe you should step out of your comfort zone and try different outlets to see if they have cheaper deals. You will always gather a sufficient amount of savings if you chase after deals. Also be mindful about what you are paying for. Stop throwing items in the cart carelessly without looking at the price. I bet if you gather all your receipts from last year, you will be very surprised about how much money you have wasted. 

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